Jewellery care guide:

We recognise that your jewellery serves as a means of expression, an occasion of delight, and testimony to your exquisite taste. Undoubtedly, you wish to cherish the attractiveness of your Lazuli jewellery for an extended period of time. So to ensure that you enjoy keeping your Lazuli jewellery sparkled, we’d like to give you the following advice:
  1. Keep those baubles away from perfume and chemicals. We’re talking about you, hairspray!
  1. Give your jewellery some TLC with a soft cloth every once in a while. They like to be pampered, just like us! 
  1. Your baubles deserve their own space! Store them separately in a cool, dry place in a pouch / box. 
  1. Time for a swim or shower? Take off your jewels beforehand. They won’t mind – it’s just not their thing. 
  1. Remember to handle with care! Be gentle and careful to avoid those pesky scratches and damages. 
You can maintain the greatest appearance and shine for your Lazuli jewellery by following these suggestions. So, go ahead and confidently flaunt your jewellery!